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Chapel Program

"Cal Farley’s provides professional programs and services in a 
Christ-centered atmosphere to strengthen families and support 
the overall development of children."

About the Iona Project

“The Iona Project chapel immersion program offers internships for those interested in sharing a common discipline of prayer and scripture, mutual accountability, and “life sharing” with others while serving in a residential childcare setting.”

Historic Iona

Iona is a small island off the west coast of Scotland. History tells us that in 563, an Irish monk named Columba and several companions arrived on the island as Christian missionaries. It is said that through their work, Iona was evangelized and renewed, becoming an enduring locus of hope for the world. Columba’s missionary method, however, was revolutionary. Forgoing a coercive approach to evangelism, Columba and his small band of companions simply shared with the native inhabitants their lives rooted in prayer: working, helping, and sharing. Their unassuming, prayer-filled presence attracted people to the Christian gospel.

The Iona Project at Cal Farley’s

Drawing inspiration from this Celtic forerunner, Cal Farley’s Iona Project chapel immersion program bears these two defining marks:

  • Ecumenical Christ-centeredness.
  • Prayerful life together for the sake of others.

It is a unique opportunity for a micro-community of interns to live with us for a year of prayerful service. Believing a life formed by disciplined prayer is perhaps the greatest evangelistic gift that one can bring to our residential childcare community, interns accepted into the program covenant to stay together and pray together for the duration of the program. While conducting a meaningful array of youth ministry activities, Iona Project interns will regularly withdraw for fixed, protected times of prayer. Thus the program intentionally balances the rigors of ministry activity with disciplined solitude.

“Let him who cannot be alone, beware of community... Let him who is not in community, beware of being alone.”
-Dietrich Bonheoffer

Read about the Iona Project:

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