Tipton and Green honored by colleagues as they leave Boys Ranch

This last week Boys Ranch bid adieu to two much-loved colleagues, Shanna Tipton and Dusty Green. Both individuals were honored with going away gatherings within a few days of each other.

Tipton leaves the ranch after 14 years. Most recently she was a counselor who specialized in neurofeedback therapy. Tipton has accepted a new position in Fort Collins, Colorado, running a neurofeedback practice for the Mind Gym. The company, according to their website, says they transform the performance of people at work by changing how they think, feel and behave every day.

Shanna said her new challenge will be learning QEEG based Neurofeedback under Dr. Rob Coben.

“This kind of training is finished in 15 sessions,” Tipton explained. “It’s amazing and progressive work. Here at Boys Ranch, I was doing symptom based neurofeedback and I saw kids for sometimes over 100 sessions. I’m very excited about this.”

Tipton said she will continue to mentor the new neurofeedback specialist here at Boys Ranch and plans to share what she learns in her new position with her predecessor. Tipton hopes this sharing might help inform programs and services at Boys Ranch.

Green, who worked as an adventure coordinator, joining Boys Ranch in 2013, is also making his way to Fort Collins with Tipton. He plans to do construction work initially while he looks for a job doing work similar to the experiences and skills he gained at Boys Ranch.

We wish both Tipton and Green well as they make these new career moves!

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