Dan Adams’ Biography President and CEO of Cal Farley’s

Dan Adams’ Biography President and CEO of Cal Farley’s

Mr. Adams has served as the president and CEO of Cal Farley’s and the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Foundation since 2004. His life experiences, education and 35-year career in social services have been about mission-focused work with youth and families. His leadership blends professional social work practice with sound non-profit business sense.

Mr. Adams holds a Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Texas. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from West Texas A&M University, and Bachelor of Science from Southwest Texas State University. In 2009, he received the Charles I. Wright Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Texas School of Social Work.

As an advocate in his field, Mr. Adams is also the president of the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies and has participated in various state and national initiatives related to child welfare. Mr. Adams is also a member of the national Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

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